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I am generally able to address all the important issues in the life of my clients in any one consultation. The following are some of the most common areas of inquiry:

1. Marriage, Relationships and Family Life: Capacity for love, romance, devotion and dedication as well as disappointment, betrayal, separation and divorce. Children and parents.


2. Talents and Career Potential: Relationships with colleagues, superiors, business partners.

3. Financial Life: Present and future, capacity for wealth and high earnings.


4. Relocational Astrology: Ideal places to live to increase one’s happiness & success. Travel and foreign residence.


5. Mental , Emotional and Spiritual Life: Overcoming the Shad Ripus, the six faults.


6. Health: Ayurvedic constitution, doshic imbalances. Constitutional weaknesses.


7. Dasas and Transit: The interpretation of dasa influences and major transits in the immediate years.