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Sun in Virgo

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

The Sun entered sidereal Virgo on September 15, 2021 and remained there until October 16th. During this transit it conjoined Mars and retrograde Mercury and it was also aspected by Rahu from the sign of Taurus. This is a dictatorial combination and the leaders of certain nations and corporations imposed their “tyrannical” vaccine mandates. President Biden received the lowest rating from a displeased American public during this time since he took office. The conjunction was exact on October 8th and that’s when South-West airlines imposed its vaccine mandates and the employees expressed their displeasure. Air traffic controllers walked off the job because of the Biden vaccine mandate and 2,500 flights were canceled leaving people stranded in airports. That wasn’t reported in the popular news media. The CEO of South West claimed it was a weather related incident to save face with his stranded customers. If you look at the Sunrise chart for Washington, DC with the Sun, Mars and retrograde Mercury all conjoined on the ascendant, and aspected by Rahu from the 9th house, even an amateur astrologer would be able to tell that this was going to give rise to a communications fiasco. You should also notice that Venus, the 2nd and 9th lord was exactly conjoined Ketu in Scorpio in the 3rd house. The 3rd and 9th house have to do with travel and the 2nd house has to do with business and finance; both were afflicted and the airline lost significant income because of its vaccine stance. Mars ruled the 3rd house of travel and the 8th house of scandals and secrets (denial by the authorities) and he was combusted by the Sun in the ascendant of the Sunrise chart bringing it out into the face of the nation. The Sunrise chart for any locality is an excellent study to determine the events of the day whether it be politics, business or otherwise. Mercury retrograde often brings confusion and a lack of discrimination but the real damages happens when the planet is afflicted by malefic planets as it was in this case. The new Moon was conjoined the Sun and Mars in Hasta nakshatra a few days earlier. The Moon ruled the 11th house and this was a disaster for travelers and those trying to achieve their goals and perform their duties for their livelihood. Saturn was the lord of the 6th house of workers and employees and he was aspected by the notorious Rahu from the 9th house. South West Airlines may be the first to learn a severe lesson.

That Sun / Mars conjunction also brought warnings and threats of war from Xi Jinping towards Taiwan. China regards Taiwan to be a rogue province and claims that its separation from the motherland arose because of China’s weak leadership in the past. The Sun rules government while Mars governs military action and Mercury is speech. They were all conjoined and as said earlier, Mercury was retrograde. China wants peaceful reunification but Chinese War Planes entered Taiwanese Air Space over the past week as a threatening display of power. That’s hardly an invitation for peaceful negotiation. Many expect that China will invade Taiwan in the coming years and I will address that in a separate write-up.

In addition, the Sun / Mars conjunction in Virgo brought our own military leaders before congress to testify that the war in Afghanistan was a “strategic failure” and that “the enemy is in charge in Kabul.” The President has received a good deal of blame for the pullout and as Republican Senator, James Inhofe of Oklahoma, said “we all witnessed the horror of the president’s own making.”

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